Value Creation Strategy

Value Creation Strategy

The prevalent linear economy model is narrowly focused on economic benefits.
Future-fit organisations balance their approach to value creation between the economic, societal and ecologic dimensions.
Our proven value creation strategy methodology helps senior management teams to define integrated approaches to value creation.


A winning Value Creation Strategy is essential to define where and how a company can excel in systemic change, sustaining the core, creating the new and delivering fast.

Too often, there is a gap between corporate ambition to perform in economic, ecologic and societal value creation. Management teams wonder how they can ‘connect the dots’ to ensure that promises made to stakeholders are turned into operational reality.

Corporate leaders have to be willing to implement sustainability in their core business, i.e. sustainability has to be embedded as a part of the business strategy and has to be reviewed in particular as to what extend it is part of the business’s purpose. Here, value creation which is geared to sustainability and generating value for everyone involved cannot be seen as a response to legal regulations or compliance to behavioural standards. It is rather a question of how to define sustainability in the context of the core business and a question of undertaking a distinct commitment. It can also mean to switch perspectives from the philosophy of increased efficiency (“Do more with less”) to a more sustainable view that ensures only producing what is necessary and that creates an ecological, economic, and social value.


We help companies in a fact-based and impartial process to create winning value creation strategies. Based on our experience, we jointly review the following aspects with senior management and the multiple stakeholders:


  • Current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to generate shared value (utilizing our ‘Go beyond the label’ methodology)
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Competitive Environment,
  • Business Strategy,
  • Product Innovation,
  • Operations,
  • Social Responsibility,
  • Processes,
  • Practices
  • Systems


As part of the process, we will benchmark your organisation against industry peers to identify opportunities for improvement and areas of differentiation.


As results, the client will have a clear overview of strengths, weaknesses and improvement possibilities. It allows determining the right next set of actions to transform the way you create value.

Michael D’heur
Strategy | Product Development | Supply Chain | Sustainability