Michael D’heur


Michael D'heur


Expert for Strategy, Product Development, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Digitalisation

Sustainable Value Creation is the Foundation of Business!

Michael D’heur is Founder and Managing Director of shared.value.chain.

Michael has more than 16 years of management consulting expertise, working with multi-national as well mid-sized companies to significantly improve their products and value chains. With consulting background from leading firms like PwC, PRTM Management Consultants, i2 Technologies and Bearingpoint, he served international clients from strategy to implementation and delivered tangible results.

He launched shared.value.chain as mission driven advisory firm in 2012, after recognizing that the current way of optimizing products and value chains in companies is falling short of the potential to create sustainable value. Building awareness and helping companies to achieve sustainably better business performance and to create ecological and societal value at the same time are Michael’s driving forces on a daily basis.

Michael is thought leader on sustainable value creation, regularly publishing books and articles as well as building awareness as renowned keynote speaker / panelist. In his client work Michael has delivered projects across 14 industries across the globe. His Industry expertise covers Luxury Goods, Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industrial Products, Capital Equipment, Telecoms Equipment, Semiconductors, Metals & Materials, Mining, Aviation, Logistics, Services and others.

His work helped companies understanding how to use sustainability as an opportunity for business, to increase service to customers, to improve efficiency, to reduce cost and to use the innovation power of cross-functional teams.