Sustainable Shared Value Creation (Conference Report)

Sustainable Shared Value Creation (Conference Report)

During the conference „CSR in Business Management“, which was organised by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Salzburg (WKS), the German language edition of the book “CSR und Value Chain Management” (edited by Michael D’heur shared.value.chain) was publicly presented for the first time.

After the conference was opened by Dr. René Schmidpeter (Zentrum für humane Marktwirtschaft), Dr. Hans Bachleitner (WKS) and Markus M. Lötzsch (Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Nuremberg) four panels discussed different aspects of CSR: “CSR as a driver of innovation”, “Sustainable Shared Value Creation”, “Living and operating according to values” and “Communicate CSR correctly”.

Michael D’heur headed the panel on “Creating shared value”. Dr. Frank Schröder (Henkel KGaA) and Dr. Ing. Christian Pophal (Infineon Technologies AG), two contributors to the book „CSR und Value Chain Management“, as well as Ms Brunhilde Schram (Schram & Mehr) discussed how to implement sustainability in a company’s value chain. The audience followed the debate with very high interest and contributed lively.

The following video (in German language) shows a highly informative and diversified conference, which was attended by public sector managers, researchers and the public sector.

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