Sustainable Product Innovation


In todays volatile and demanding environment, leading companies secure future competitiveness through superior innovation qualities. In addition there is a growing recognition that cost pressures and availability of scarce resources, call for sustainable product concepts and designs that consider closed loops. Leading companies develop products that do not provide value over the entire lifecycle of the product, but can also be fully returned into the raw material / component cycle at the end of their useful life.

Following a strict approach to design products for re-use, like cradle-to-cradle and reviewing the purpose of the product in the context of solving sustainability and social problems, opens a whole new set of opportunities.

We support companies to create new and innovative concepts, accelerate R&D processes and secure time to market performance.

Companies benefit form Sustainable Production Innovation through increased sales, tapping into new market segments and reducing material as well as development cost.

Michael D’heur
Strategy | Product Development | Supply Chain | Sustainability