Sustainable Cost Reduction

Sustainable Cost Reduction

Do you need to deliver more cost savings sustainably?

Our sustainable cost reduction method enables cross-functional teams to identify and deliver more savings sustainably.

Savings are identified across the entire lifecycle of products and services.

Our clients achieve cross-functional alignment and security of savings delivery.

Sustainable Cost Reduction Primer from Michael D’heur

The Challenge: Deliver more, with less

The competitive environment for many organizations requires to continually reduce cost across multiple dimensions: product, operations, organizational, sustainability related. Managers are asked not only to deliver short term cost savings, but to build a platform to deliver continious cost reduction.

Our Solution: Utilizing the power of cross-functional teams

One key success factor is how a continuous cost reduction approach is embedded in an organization. Unlike many other cost reduction approaches that favor short-term success instead of mid-/long-term viability, our continuous cost reduction approach is focused to deliver smart cost savings that are sustainable.

shared.value.chain specializes in conducting tailored workshops to identify tangible cost savings that are sustainable and that take all dimensions of value creation into account (Economic, Ecologic, Societal).

We always challenge the status quo of current cost cutting approaches, because there is a better way to get to the results: through cross-functional leadership and team work (utilizing the biggest asset of an organization: the people).

Our approach brings together cross-functional teams to review and implement opportunities along the entire lifecycle of a product/service and the entire value chain. Focused delivery of identified cost savings opportunities provides a platform for sustainable future growth.

Individual workshops focus selectively on customer needs, value-added, product / service design, business processes, costs, quality, etc.

We work with cross-functional client teams to conduct value chain strategy, sustainable cost reduction and process improvement (or problem solving) workshops to improve economic, ecologic and societal business performance and profitability.

Utilising our SCORE database that contains over 300 cost reduction levers we inform creative sessions with cross-functional teams. We apply our own and industry best practice concepts and techniques.

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