Sustainability in the core business: Fairphone

Sustainability in the core business: Fairphone

The implementation of sustainability in a company’s core business, that is in products and value chain, is mostly unknown territory for companies – and therefore often a ground-breaking achievement. Three principles define their success:

1. The commitment to sustainability has to be a strategic one; a management decision is critical.

2. Sustainability criteria have to be applied throughout the product life cycle; which means from the initial product development to the repair or return of used products.

3. The measures which are taken mustn’t stop at one’s own factory gate, but have to involve the company’s customer and supplier base.

In Michael D’heur’s recent article for WirtschaftsWoche, Germanys leading business and financial weekly, he uses the example of “Fairphone” to illustrate how a sustainable business model can be strategically developed and implemented. Fairphone has based its strategy on clear guidelines, which indicate a shift from current practices. Compared to the often deplorable practices in the electronics industry an alternative value creation model has subsequently been established.

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