Sustainability as Growth Driver

Sustainability as Growth Driver

We know today that existing methods of production that focus on unlimited growth without regard to the environment are no longer consensus. The intensity how sustainability is discussed in media and public could suggest that implementation of sustainability in the core business is well on track. But that is not the case. Sustainability is rarely part of the core business yet.

Companies that successfully manage to implement sustainability in its core business will have the opportunity to effectively differentiate from the competition. But where to start? And how? Active management is a must, as well as the monitoring of progress made in strategy, product development, procurement, production, logistics and distribution.

• STRATEGY: A sustainable strategy for value creation needs to supply evidence in practice

• INNOVATION: Redefine the economic, ecological and societal effects of a product from the beginning

• PRODUCTION & LOGISTICS: The operating costs are relevant

• PROCUREMENT: Avoid being taken into liability by critical consumers

In my latest article for Wirtschaftswoche Green, I am showing with practical examples how companies successfully meet these challenges.

However, existing value chain with all its partners cannot be changed by a simple mouse click. But they can be transformed step by step through good and effective management. From the operational reality we know that this is a ambitious change management task.

I see two essential prerequisites to finally drive a broader change in mind set. On the one hand
managers in strategy, product development, procurement and production possess substantial (sometimes painful) transformation experience. On the other hand the companies always invested
projects to ensure their competitiveness.

10 Questions to get started with Sustainability (German Version)