SSIA SCM Forum 2016 – New Metrics, New Opportunities

SSIA SCM Forum 2016 – New Metrics, New Opportunities

SSIA Supply Chain Management Forum 2016, Singapore, 21 July 2016

Supply Chain Metrics and Measures: Applying the SCOR-model to Modern Challenges

Over the past decades, electronic and semiconductor supply chains have been in a state of continuous transformation and advancement in order to effectively manage the expectations of this industry’s volatile and cyclic demand. More recently, this involvement has intensified, as global markets respond to an increasingly demanding and mobile customer base. Additionally, the proliferation and consolidation of industry players and political and natural crises are forcing these supply chains to achieve high flexibility and agility, while grappling with the increasing complexity this inevitably entails.

Today, supply chain metrics, long recognized as critical for performance measurement, bench-marking and process improvement, must now include new performance measures, ranging from agility and speed, to complexity, to the environmental demanded both from regulatory bodies and the end customer.

Supply chain metrics and measures in the semiconductor and electronics industry are in a phase of great change, presenting us additional opportunities to optimize and evolve our operations to meet new performance criteria and higher standards of execution. New measures and metrics are demanded, together with best practice sharing and benchmarking. The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association’s 2016 Forum, “Supply Chain Metrics and Measures: Applying the SCOR-model to Modern Challenges” will bring together industry practitioners and modeling experts to examine the best practices for today’s supply chain metrics and measures. We welcome the APICS/Supply Chain Council, who will share the development of the well-established SCOR model to meet today’s complex and often conflicting demands. Our industry partners will present their experiences and learnings, enabling an interactive and structured discussion among participants. Our goal is to bring together the current state of supply chain metrics in the semiconductor and electronics industries and present a complete and cohesive approach to supply chain performance measurement and to identify gaps for further work and research.

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