Is slowing down the circular economy the right thing to do?

According to Paula Tejón Carbajal from Greenpeace, there is a need to slow-down the Circular Economy and to [1]:

  1. Go beyond recycling as the main concept of the Circular Economy
  2. To focus on designing products/services for Circularity from the outset, and
  3. Most importantly to slow down consumption and to reject unnecessary products:
    • Reducing the consumption of production and materials, resources, and energy altogether.
    • Reversing the waste hierarchy and putting ‘Refusal of unnecessary products’ at the top.
    • Rolling out mindful ecological designs, balanced value creation across the supply chain, and enabling recovery, repair, reuse etc.


Our perspective
[1] Slowing the Circular Economy. Paula Tejón Carbajal. Issued 17. July 2020. Graphic courtesy of Stig’s Illustration and Design. Learn more here