1. Reducing the cost intensity and negative impacts of business should be a top priority
2. Fulfilling public commitments to achieve sustainability goals is a challenge
3. Our proven SCORE approach builds a future-proof cost reduction capability, so that you can achieve more with less
The Challenge In order to stay relevant in a fast changing and disruptive environment, you need to adapt even faster and find more savings

Time to implement sustainable reduction of economic, societal and ecologic costs!

Our Approach
Our sustainable cost reduction method SCORE is a highly efficient method based on many years of experience. We enable cross-functional teams within your company to identify and deliver savings sustainably.

Our SCORE toolbox helps you how to implement sustainable cost reduction both quickly and efficient, preparing your company for future possibilities today.

Utilising our SCORE database which includes over 300 cost reduction levers we inform creative sessions with cross-functional teams. We apply our own and industry best practice concepts and techniques.

SCORE Steps:

1. Our Sustainable Cost Reduction (SCORE) method helps to eliminate non-essential spend along the entire lifecycle of products, including waste reduction.

2. The SCORE approach reviews all cost categories and capabilities: Design, Material, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Processes, Systems, Quality, Governance.

3. We use the power of cross-functional teams infused by expert advice and best practices, driving a structured follow up process to make savings sustainable and to create value.

Time to implement sustainable reduction of economic, societal and ecologic costs!

The Benefits SCORE helps your teams to utilise all levers for cost reduction and EBIT improvement

SCORE shows you how to implement the lever right away

SCORE helps to invest into the right activities to ensure both short-term and long-term cost reduction
Our Value Proposition We are a global network of experienced professionals that can deliver your sustainable cost reduction vision.

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