Improving the performance of an organisation often seems like a daunting task. There are hundreds of issues, new trends, innovations and disruptions. We help organisations (Companies, Public Sector Institutions, ….) in multiple ways. Our ultimate goal is to create sustainable value:

1. We identify the global issues, that affect the performance of organisations, and talk about it in a language that people understand

2. We translate the issues into what matters for business and raise awareness about risks and opportunities

3. We help to structure the right approaches to build new capabilities

4. We deliver change and sustainable value, through hands-on and collaborative work


Our approach is built on many years of experience in improving global value chains, ie. product development and supply chain performance. Our international expert team seamlessly build the bridge between internal functions, as well as external stakeholders.

Setting the Context – AWARENESS

We create awareness about the opportunities of sustainable value creation through Though Leadership, Keynote Speaking, Public Seminars and Research

  1. Throught Leadership (Books, Articles, Whitepapers, …)
  2. Keynote Speaking (International Conferences, Universities, Company Events, …)
  3. Public Seminars
  4. Research and Surveys
Understanding the opportunities – ASSESSMENT

We create independent assessments and performance benchmarks, to give clients a neutral perspective on risks and opportunities. We use our project experience, internal performance databases and research to continuously identify ‘what good looks like’.

  1. Performance Assessments
  2. Performance Benchmarking
Developing solutions – FUTURE FIT SOLUTIONS

Based on assessment results and client preferences, we jointly create solutions that deliver sustainable value.

  1. Business Model Development
  2. Operating Model Development
  3. Capability Model Development

We support the transformation and implementation of client project. Our implementation philosophy is to ensure that people, process, technology and change are equally balanced. To ensure sustainable results, we focus on enabling and coaching client team members.

  1. Program- and Project Planning
  2. Transformation Management
  3. Skills & Capability Building
  4. Value Assurance
Supporting the next wave of Entrepreneurs – START-UP SUPPORT

We help start-ups and entrepreneurs to build the foundation for a successful business

  1. Entrepreneur Coaching
  2. Business Model Development
  3. Operating Model Development
  4. Capability Model Development


We deliver measurable results, e.g. by


Speeding up the innovation process
Structuring and assuring the product development processes
Reducing material and product cost already during product development
Integrating customers and suppliers into the innovation and product development processes
Improving the quality of products and services
Securing product launches
Planning market entry
Opening up new markets





The best proof of competence are measurable results. We have selected examples of what we have achieved in our projects to give you an impression of our expertise in different areas

Improved transparency
Reduced redundancy
Improved speed through reduced cycle times
Improved quality
Elimination of time and resource waste
Reduction, eliminations and avoidance of bottlenecks and mistakes
Improved customer satisfaction (and higher net promoter scores)
Clean processes as prerequisite for digitalization
60% productivity increase
20%+ cost reduction of the addressable cost base
Due Diligence
Strategy and Process Optimization
Product / Market Strategy
Product Development Process
Project Management and Coaching
Project Recovery / Technology Transfer
Ramp-Up Management
Parts Quality
Cost Engineering