Karen Wendt


Karen Wendt

Expert for Impact Financing and Responsible Investmentbanking

Sustainable Value Creation is the Foundation of Business!

Karen Wendt is Founder of Responsible Investmentbanking, ECCOS International i.G. and PI Foundation i.G. has started her career at the European Commission. Today she is entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, lecturer, researcher, coach and author.

Karen has worked in high level roles in Project Finance, where she managed the transition from conventional energy to a green energy portfolio, in structured export finance and in strategic asset management. In 2002 she co-authored The Equator
Principles. The last years she introduced The Principles within two Top Tier Financial Institutions and co-founded the Equator Principles Financial Institutions Association (EPFIA).

She has undertaken research on creating ecosystems of ethical culture in business and non-business organizations, on
the patterns of investment banking culture, the role of alignment of interests and values, the impact of leadership and the role of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) in driving innovation.

Combining her coaching experience with mediation for international and national business organizations helps her
to work on models to incorporate social, cultural and environmental criteria into traditional investment decision making in a way that makes it compatible with the mainstream investment approach and to create an ecosystem for impact investing together with peers that shall remove the perceived dichotomy between eco-social and financial return.

Her anthology on responsible investment banking and positive impact investment can
be found at http://responsibleinvestmentbanking.com/publication-engl/

Her new research is focussed on innovation, cultural intelligence (CQ), organizational culture
and creation of entrepreneurial and ethical eco-systems.

Karen holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool.