Integrated Business Planning


Represents a holistic model to link strategic planning, operational planning with financial planning.
IBP is the hallmark of getting visibility about the end-to-end value chain of an organization, combining technologies, applications and planning processes across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance.Besides the key elements of Sales & Operations Planning the concept integrates product launches as well.

Following a strict approach to design products for re-use, like cradle-to-cradle and reviewing the purpose of the product in the context of solving sustainability and social problems, opens a whole new set of opportunities.

We support companies to create new and innovative concepts, accelerate R&D processes and secure time to market performance.

Companies benefit form Sustainable Production Innovation through increased sales, tapping into new market segments and reducing material as well as development cost.

By deploying a single model across the enterprise and leveraging the organization’s information assets, corporate executives, business unit heads and planning managers use IBP to evaluate plans and activities based on the true economic impact of each consideration.

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Michael D’heur
Strategy | Product Development | Supply Chain | Sustainability