Business Transformation

What is the challenge?

Maintaining a good balance between creating the future of the organisation, while making the existing business more competitive is one of the top challenges for Executives and Senior Managers today.
In a volatile and uncertain business environment, it is not always easy to allocate scarce resources to the right set of initiatives. Many companies today suffer from insufficient execution capabilities for their most important initiatives, that leads to:

- Only 40% of strategic initiatives being executed
- A corporate disease of initiative overload
- The most important staff members being shared between core business improvement and strategic innovation
- A lack of clear separation between initiatives that create the new and the ones that sustain the core
- Failed projects that are an enormous waste to time, effort and money

Our approach

Our business transformation approach is based on many years of hands-on experience in turning strategies into reality. We combine the ambition of management teams, assembling an experienced client team and applying a rigorous but agile project execution process to deliver results that matter.

- Transformation planning and execution
- Best practice program/project management
- Critical project recovery
- Deliverables and milestone planning
- Transformation risk management
- Scaling from pilot to the business readiness

Where it is applied

- Corporate innovation execution programs
- Product launch management
- 'End-to-End' supply chain improvement

Methods and Tools

Our methodology DUAL-X uses a mix of own experience based approaches with industry leading frameworks and methods:
- Frameworks: Agile Project Management, Critical Project Recovery, ...

The benefits

- 'Peace of mind' for the delivery of critical initiatives
- Reduced transformations risks
- Ability to capture market opportunities as planned
- Reduction of wasted time, resources and money

Key success factors

- Define ambition and scope properly
- Build dedicated teams
- Separate the execution of innovation projects from core business improvement projects
- Innovation execution is about structured experiments and learning, while sustaining the core is about efficiency, effectiveness and excellence