1. Increasing complexity, volatility and an accelerating rate of change are market realities for most businesses today
2. Businesses require ‘lean and agile’ delivery capabilities to quickly adjust to changing operating conditions.
3. Cross-functional Collaboration is the key to deliver results quickly and in a sustainable way capability, so that you can achieve more with less.
The Challenge In today’s business environment, companies are challenged by

(1) the need for faster and more radical change,

(2) the need for faster innovation execution,

(3) having only a short time before results need to be delivered,

(4) the complexity and magnitude of change, which requires cross-functional or multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Most projects waste lots of effort and value, because they apply outdated/incorrect setup and delivery methods. This results in excess cost, time, effort and lost opportunities to generate positive impact.

Some of the main symptoms that indicate that your project is in trouble:

- Requirements are unclear

- Underestimated complexity / Overconfidence bias

- Timelines are too ambitious

- Expectations are not aligned

- Implementing the work too early

- Lack of competencies of resources

- Not seeing the big picture (Systemic view),

- Not ‘connecting the dots’

- Projects are too big for one entity alone

- Office politics over facts,

- Lack of entrepreneurship
Our Approach We structure and deliver your most important projects, from ‘Idea to Impact’.

Applying our Lean and Agile Delivery (LEAD) method will get the job done.

Working cross-functional has always been our sweet spot and differentiation. It is a key driver for success.

Our LEAD method applies SCRUM principles to deliver business results. Applying agile principles outside of software development has been proven difficult in many companies.

We found a way to make it work, regardless of company size or industry.

Types of complex projects we support:

- Business transformation – Whole business transformation, connecting the dots

- Capability building – specifically suitable for large scale collaboration to drive circular economy implementation

- DCP – recovering and securely delivering your most important projects

- Interim management: Recover teams and business critical processes
The Benefits All companies/organisations that are challenged by market volatility and that need to accelerate the tangible delivery of business/environmental/societal results will benefit from our LEAD methodology:

- Faster time to results that contribute while staying flexible to adjust to changing needs.

The most valuable features are available first.

Reduced waste and cost.

Experienced facilitators while building internal capabilities.

Get stuff done.

Faster time to results.

Recovery of failing projects limit losses and safeguard the investment

Our experts have many years of driving operational transformation and driving to results in a volatile environments.
Our Value Proposition We are a global network of experienced professionals that can deliver your sustainable cost reduction vision.

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