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Our Solution:

  • We perform regular primary and secondary research in the area of sustainable shared value creation.
  • Our team builds on a wealth of experience in market research.
  • Michael D’heur has been the Co-Author of the PRTM/PwC Global Supply Chain Trends Study for 6 consecutive years.


Speaking Engagements

Michael D’heur is author, speaker and adviser on sustainable shared value creation. He has speaking, workshop and consulting engagements with clients and leading value chain associations around the world. He regularly performs as speaker at international conferences.

List of recent keynotes and public workshops:

  • UPCOMING – 2015: IHK Nürnberg Asia Pacific Conference (Nürnberg, Germany)
  • UPCOMING – 2015: DKB Management School Forum for the Future (Liebenberg, Germany)
  • 2015: LOGITRANS Conference (Porto, Portugal)
  • 2015: IHK Köln: Sustainable Procurement (Köln, Germany)
  • 2013: Supply Chain Council Europe Conference (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • 2012: Supply Chain Council, Chapter Meeting Europe 2012 (Munich, Germany)
  • 2011: Supply Chain Council, Regional Conference Europe 2011 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 2010: Markt & Technik Supply Chain Summit 2010 (Munich, Germany)


Think Tanks

With a multitude and growing number of sustainability and operations challenges, it is not always easy to find approaches that really change the status quo. Generating the required ideas to enable systemic change, requires to bring various perspectives to the table and openess to let go on traditional approaches.

We conduct think tank events to review sustainability and operations challenges in a cross-industry and cross-sector manner. Only if all relevant stakeholders jointly work on identifying resolutions for the most pressing issues, we will succeed.


Book Release

“CSR und Value Chain Management”

About this book

A more sustainable way of doing business is a desire and aspiration that is favoured by Academics, Public Sector, Customers and leading Companies alike. Despite a general understanding about the need to embed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability into a company’s core business, there are not a lot of answers yet to really translate the management vision into reality in the value chain (ie. products and supply chains). “Sustainable value creation“ offers a new management approach that integrates multiple perspectives and drives sustainability ‘inside-out’ from the core business. It is based on the understanding that sustainability can only be implemented in a company’s core business if it is simultaneously considered in its products and value chain. “Sustainable value creation” subsequently enables profitable economical, ecological and societal growth to occur at the same time. It combines the request for increased sustainability and its particular implementation in the operations of a company. Michael D’heur (shared.value.chain) and experts from 11 companies and institutions describe in the book “CSR und Value Chain Management“ how “sustainable shared value“ can be implemented successful

Some of the questions which are being addressed in the course of this book are the following:
  • How do economic, environmental and societal factors impact the value creation process of a company?
  • What requirements and expectations need to be met to balance economic, ecologic and societal value creation?
  • What are the building blocks and measures that can be utilized on the journey towards sustainable value creation?
  • What benefits can be achieved through sustainable value creation?
  • What are the practicle examples of sustainable value creation in leading companies (big and small), that can inspire others to follow?
“CSR und Value Chain Management” (German Edition) (ISBN-13: 978-3642398889, 260 pages; €29.90), Michael D’heur (Eds.) was published at Springer Gabler Editors as part of the book series „Corporate Social Responsibility“. It is addressed to those in private or public sector companies who are responsible for logistics, supply chain management, innovation, production and marketing as well as CSR or sustainability.
  • Beiersdorf (Daniel Weber, Dorle Bahr)
  • SAP (Heino Kantimm)
  • Klenk und Hoursch (Georg Lahme, Volker Klenk)
  • VAUDE (Antje von Dewitz, Julia Bauer)
  • Infineon Technologies AG (Kurt Gruber, Hans Ehm, Christian Pophal)
  • Independent Capital Management (Mirjam Staub-Bisang)
  • BASF SE (Markus Frank, Katharina Fischer, Dirk Voeste)
  • Nanogate (Ralf Zastrau)
  • Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (Yvonne Zwick)
  • Henkel KGaA (Frank Roland Schröder, Dirk Holbach, Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum)
  • Symrise AG (Stephan Sielaff, Christina Witter, Clemens Tenge)
  • shared.value.chain (Michael D’heur)

The editor Michael D’heur is the founder and managing director of shared.value.chain, a think tank and management consulting for sustainable shared value. He supports multi-national as well as small and medium sized companies in improving their global value chains (from strategy to implementation). By doing so he builds upon his experiences from international supply chain transformation projects in 12 different industries, 8 countries and 3 continents. He is a thought leader on global value chain trends and renowned speaker at supply chain conferences. Michael D’heur studied Economics and Business Information Systems at the University of Siegen.

Michael D’heur
Strategy | Product Development | Supply Chain | Sustainability