Circular Economy Innovation

Circular Economy Innovation
The circular economy is regenerative by design and works within planetary boundaries
It eliminates waste altogether through design and closed material loops, increasing product life cycles and utilisation through sharing models
Our IDEA2IMPACT methodology helps clients to turn their circularity ideas into businesses that make an impact


The main challenge for the global economy is to find a model that works within the global resource boundaries, provides equitable living and qualitative growth. This is where the current linear economy model of ‚take, make, use, dispose‘ is falling short.

If nothing is done to address the current linear economy model, total demand for constrained resource (like biomass, fossil energy, and many metals) is outweighing demands already in the decade between 2020 and 2030. Even with an optimistic forecast for technological innovation, such shortages will expose countries and companies to significant risks. The associated environmental and societal damage is already massive.

The idea behind the Circular Economy is to keep resources at their highest possible level of value at all times, eliminating the idea of waste altogether and leave ‘enough for all forever.’ It designs out waste and pollution and creates closed loop material flows.

Waste in this context is broader than physical waste. It also refers to product end-of-life as well as the enormous under-utilization of products and assets in markets. For example, a discarded product that is not recycled is a waste, but so is ending the working life of a product prematurely or letting it sit idle. A typical car, for example, is used only 5% to 10% of the time and as much as 80% of the things stored in a typical home are used only once a month.


We help companies to enable or accelerate the transition towards the circular economy through our ‘hands-on’ service approach:

Thought leadership

Public speaking

Circular economy business models

Modular product design

Closed loop material flows


Our IDEA2IMPACT method is a blend of our own proven framework and best practice industry approaches to design/scale circular economy solutions.

Design Thinking

Lean Startup

Innovation Execution


Taking a circular economy idea or innovation from idea to impact helps companies to

reduce waste,

reduce cost,

reduce pollution

benefit from cross-industry material streams,

increase productivity


Define ambition and scope properly

Connect all dimensions of value creation during the design phase

Build a cross-functional team and be willing to reach out to other stakeholders inside/outside of your industry

Don’t go too steep, don’t get lost

Reduce barriers to change and reward efforts to simplify

Michael D’heur
Strategy | Product Development | Supply Chain | Sustainability